Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika

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The Serbian Spruce is one of the most graceful evergreens. The common name comes from its original range in Serbia and Bosnia, though it was found across all of Europe. It has been used in landscape design since 1880. It is a coniferous tree - an evergreen that keeps its needles year-round. 

A popular specimen tree for gardens and parks. Will grow to 40 to 60 ft with a spread of 15 to 20ft.  Like dry conditions (dry feet) and full or part sunny location. 

Increasingly planted in UK for Christmas tree market as slightly thinner and daintier than Norway Spruce and retain needles for longer.

The current height of the plants is approximately 15-30cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Graceful evergreen
  • Ideal for Gardens
  • Like dry soil and at least part sunny location
  • Grows well in the UK

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