Terms & Conditions

By ordering products and using this website you agree to our guarantee and terms and conditions set out below.

  • Trees by Post aims to be the best supplier of young Trees via post. If you are not happy with any of our products that you have ordered, simply notify us within 7 days of receipt and we will offer a replacement as soon as practically possible. All trees are delivered by post or courier, therefore the actual date of delivery cannot be guaranteed. Please allow up to seven working days for orders to be delivered from time of ordering. In the event of non-delivery, Trees by Post must be notified within 7 days of the selected delivery date.
  • As trees and shrubs are natural growing plants hardened outside, they are susceptible to the elements and at certain times of the year the leaves will turn in colour, fall off, be affected by the rain, sunshine, frost and occasional attack by insects. These occurrences will affect all trees of all ages but can be more noticeable in young trees than in older ones which have thousands of leaves. This will not affect your trees ability to survive as it will grow new leaves and shoots when necessary between April and September.
  • Whilst Trees by Post aims to fairly describe the approximate heights of individual or group plants or trees the actual heights may vary as the growing season changes and sometimes the actual plant or tree or hedging heights may be taller or shorter than described or expected. If the actual height is important please check before ordering. The prices for our plants and trees are not adjusted according to height so in many cases 10-20cm trees and plants will cost the same as 20-40cm and 30-50cm high trees and plants. 
  • Trees by Post do not deliver to PO Boxes or incomplete addresses. Please include a full postcode or else the consignment may not arrive and Trees to Plants cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses. Incorrect postcodes can cause more delays than omitting the postcode completely.
  • Whilst every effort is made to make deliveries when requested and prevent delivery requests for such dates such as public holidays, Trees by Post cannot be held responsible for delayed deliveries due to factors such as public holidays and or postal strikes and factors within and beyond our control and will endeavour to deliver either before or after dates requested or as soon as is practicably possible.
  • Trees by Post reserve the right to send a similar tree gift or product of equal or greater value.
  • All credit/debit card payments are subject to automated online validation checks by Shopify payments and Paypal and authorisation by the card issuer via our secure online server. If the issuer of your credit/debit card does not authorise payment to us, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.
  • By using this website you do so at your own risk and neither Trees by Post nor any associated companies; parent or subsidiary, any of its associates, employees or partners are responsible for any error, accident, hurt feelings or misfortune that should result or be incurred by such usage and or purchase or receipt or care of products, nor is the reliability, functionality or software guaranteed.
  • Trees by Post nor any of its associated companies; parent or subsidiary, associates, employees or partners will not be liable for any amount exceeding that of the monetary value spent by any customer.
  • Owing to their perishable nature, it is a breach of contract to refuse to accept delivery of any of our trees and plants that you have ordered. You will be liable for any extra costs incurred in refusing delivery and any further costs made by Royal Mail or any courier company for returning the plants or trees. You will also be liable for the full cost of the order in addition to extra delivery costs incurred by refusing delivery. Any refused or returned trees or plants cannot be re-sold as they are perishable. However if there is anything materially wrong with plants or trees delivered we will replace as soon as is practically possible. Please do not return any items until you have been in contact with us and instructed to do so.
  • All trees must be planted on arrival and given special attention which would be necessary for the tree to survive and flourish.

Refund Policy

  • We do not refund orders unless there has been an error in the order process or that a duplicate order has been placed. We do not refund orders once the order has been accepted, nor do we refund based on late or failed deliveries but we guarantee, if the address is correct, to re-send any product as soon as practically possible.