Evergreen Hedging, Saplings & Shrubs

Evergreen Saplings, Hedging and Shrubs are perfect for year round privacy and screening. Needing to block out an unsightly view or wanting plants with year round colour and interest then Evergreen Trees, Hedging and Shrubs would make an excellent choice for your garden.

For Evergreen hedging - Box, Thuja, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, Leylandii, Lawson Cypress, Holly, Berberis, Oregon Grape,  Yew, Box or Privet, We also have a great range of Fir, Pine, Spruce and Cedar Trees including Juniper & Eucalyptus making an excellent choice for specimen garden or parkland trees. All ideal for Bonsai. Our Evergreen hedging plants and trees establish fast & have a higher success rate than bare root. Don't wait months for bare root. We'll deliver right away!

For hedging as a general guide you will need approx 4 plants per metre for a single row hedge and approx 6 plants per metre for a double staggered row (zig zag) which was traditionally used for stock fencing but can improve the density of a hedge in early years if time is of the essence.

Juniper Trees - Juniperus communis - Trees by Post
Scots Pine Trees - Pinus sylvestris - Trees by Post
Blue Spruce Trees - Picea pungens - Trees by Post
Blue Spruce - Picea pungens
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Cider Gum - Eucalyptus Gunnii - Trees by Post
Barberry Shrubs - Berberis darwinii - Trees by Post
Norway Spruce Trees - Picea abies - Trees by Post
Holly Trees Hedging - Ilex aquifolium - Trees by Post
Evergreen Oak - Quercus ilex - Trees by Post
Oregon Grape - Mahonia aquifolium - Trees by Post
Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica - Trees by Post
Yew Trees - Taxus baccata - Trees by Post
Sitka Spruce Trees - Picea stichensis - Trees by Post
Lodgepole Pine - Pinus contorta - Trees by Post
Portugal Laurel - Prunus lusitanica - Trees by Post
Western Hemlock Hedging - Tsuga heterophylla - Trees by Post
Western Red Cedar Hedging - Thuja plicata - Trees by Post
Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika - Trees by Post
Common Privet - Ligustrum vulgare - Trees by Post
Leyland Cypress - Leylandii cupressocyparis - Trees by Post
Box Hedging - Buxus sempervirens - Trees by Post
Macedonian Pine - Pinus peuce - Trees by Post
Fraser Fir - Abies fraserii - Trees by Post
Boxleaf Honeysuckle - Lonicera nitida - Trees by Post
Gold Leyland Cypress - Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Castlewellan' - Trees by Post
European Silver Fir - Abies alba - Trees by Post
Grand Fir - Abies grandis - Trees by Post
Privet Hedge - Ligustrum vulgare - Trees by Post