Cherry Plum Trees - Prunus cerasifera

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The Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) is a popular garden tree producing wonderful spring blossom - it is usually the first tree in the garden to flower in spring! It is also grown for it's cherry plum like fruits which are a cross between a cherry and a plum and can be eaten and used for cooking.

The Cherry Plum will grow up to 8m but can be cut to shape so is very suitable for small gardens. It is also often found in native mixed hedgerows in the countryside as well as in woodland, parks and gardens.

The current height of our Cherry Plum trees is approximately 30-50cm and they can be planted out all year round.

RHS Perfect for Pollinators in Spring.

  • Plant in wet, dry and exposed locations
  • Likes most spoil types
  • Fruit bearing with early spring blossom
  • Widespread in UK gardens and hedgerows

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