Planting for Wild Ponds and Reed Beds

Planting Guide for Reed Beds and Wild Ponds

We get many enquiries from different  customers and businesses who are looking to create a pond or reedbed for either increasing or helping to protect wildlife and water fowl or to create water filtration systems.

We have put together a list of trees, plants and shrubs that we would recommend for these purposes. You should seek guidance from your local council or professional advice for filtration systems.

Plants for in the pond:

If your pond is already present, we advise that you plant these plants in the margins up to approx 30cm water depth and a volume of 4-6 plants per square metre. Quite quickly you will find that they multiply and spread further into and around the water.

Plants for the Marginal Areas:

Plants for the wet/marsh ground area around 
the pond:

Varieties of Willow: