Problems with Bare root hedging plants and saplings

Problems with Bare root hedging plants and saplings

Bare root saplings are trees and shrubs that have been lifted from the ground and have most of their soil removed from their roots. They are usually cheaper and easier to transport than container-grown, cell grown trees or rootballed hedging plants, but they also have some potential problems that can affect their establishment and survival. Some of the common problems with bare root saplings are:

- Poor root systems: Bare root saplings may have lost a significant amount of their roots when they were dug up, which can reduce their ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. They need regular watering and weed control to help them grow new roots and survive.

- Frosting, waterlogging or drying of roots: Bare root saplings are vulnerable to extreme temperatures and moisture levels before planting. If the roots are exposed to frost, they may be damaged and unable to function properly. If the roots are soaked in water for too long, they may rot and become infected by fungi or bacteria. If the roots are left dry for too long, they may desiccate and lose their viability.

- Transplant shock: Bare root saplings may experience stress and shock when they are moved from one environment to another. This can result in yellowing or browning of leaves, wilting, dieback or death of the plant. Transplant shock can be caused by insufficient watering, poor planting technique, soil compaction, root damage, pest or disease attack, or environmental changes.

To avoid or minimize these problems, it is important to choose really healthy and vigorous bare root saplings, plant them as soon as possible after purchase, prepare the planting site well, protect the roots from adverse conditions, and provide adequate aftercare for the plants. Also make sure that they are UK grown and not European imports that have been in cold storage for weeks. Alternatively buy cell grown tree saplings and hedging plants from Trees by Post. To view the current range of saplings, hedging and shrubs available for planting now please click here

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