Hornbeam Hedging Trees - Carpinus betulus

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The Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) tree is a pretty tree which is native to the South East of England, though is found as far as Northern Scotland. It is popular as a hedge and can be seen in more formal gardens trained and pleached. The Hornbeam is not totally different in appearance to the Beech though the leaves are less shiny and more delineated and serrated. In folklore the Hornbeam was considered to be immortal!

Also known to be particulary tolerant of clay soils and polluted areas, though grows well in all locations. Can reach up to 30m.

As a guidance for planting a Hornbeam hedge - for a single row Hornbeam hedge we would recommend planting at a rate of 4 trees per metre. For a double staggered row, plant at a rate of 6 trees per metre.

The current height of these trees is approximately 20-40cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Plant in dry, wet and shady sites
  • Likes most soil types
  • Beautiful large garden or hedgerow tree
  • Native to the UK

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