Blackthorn Trees - Prunus spinosa

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A common sight in many a British hedgerow, the Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) is native throughout the British Isles and grows to around 4m (12ft) if left uncut. The white blossoming flowers appear in early spring before coming into leaf, standing out against the black twigs. In ancient folklore, Blackthorn has a sinister reputation often associated with witchcraft.

Many birds nest among its branches and the fruit, sloes, are made into jam, wine and used for flavouring gin (sloe gin)

The current height of these trees is approximately 30-50cm and they can be planted out all year round.

RHS Perfect for Pollinators in Spring.

  • Plant in wet, dry, upland and exposed sites
  • Likes poor and heavy soils
  • Common hedge plant in British Isles
  • Attracts wildlife

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