Hedging Plants and Saplings

Leyland Cypress - Leylandii cupressocyparis

Order Leyland Cypress - Leylandii cupressocyparis hedging online. Leyland Cypress hedging plants for sale. Leylandii cupressocyparis seedlings available for planting now. Buy Leylandii cupressocyparis hedge saplings for quick UK delivery.

Leylandii is a popular fast growing hedging plant easy to grow and keep in shape. It developed as a result of cross breeding between the Monterey Cypress and the Nootka Cypress. The Leyland Cypress is a fast establishing dense hedge ideal for garden boundaries and creating privacy and windbreak shelter. Our Leylandii hedging plants can grow up to 1m per year so provide a fairly instant hedging solution when required. 

The height of our Leylandii plants are 20-40cm and are ready to plant now. For hedging plant at 2-3 feet apart (distance between each plant). The closer the quicker it will establish but more plants will be needed. The quantity and height of each pack of plants is shown below.

  • Plant in wet, dry, partial shady and sunny sites
  • Likes well drained soil
  • Fast growing
  • Popular garden hedge

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