Wellingtonia (Giant Redwood) - Sequoiadendron giganteum

Wellingtonia (Giant Redwood) is closely related to the famous Coast Redwood trees of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.  Introduced to the UK in 1853, the Wellingtonia has mostly been planted for ornamental reasons often found in botanical, arboretum or country house gardens.

Wellingtonia has a wider climatic range than Coast Redwoods and should grow on most soils other than heavy peaty soils.  It is particularly well suited to sandy loams and is considered to be wind firm. Although more frost tolerant than Coastal Redwoods, Wellingtonia should still be sited with care. 

  • Plant in sheltered sunny site
  • Likes most except peaty soils
  • Tallest trees in world
  • Native to USA

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