Coast Redwood Trees - Sequoia sempervirens

Buy Coast Redwood Trees - Sequoia sempervirens trees online. Coast Redwood trees for sale. Sequoia sempervirens seedlings available for planting now. Order Sequoia sempervirens saplings for quick UK delivery.

The Coastal Redwoods of California are the tallest trees in the world.  Redwoods have an established reputation for being frost sensitive and sites should be chosen with care.  It is best suited to sheltered, western areas with moist yet well drained soils with good fertility, such as brown earths.  Given the right conditions, no other conifer can match Coastal Redwoods for rate of growth.

Initial establishment of Coastal Redwoods can be difficult and choosing our cell-grown trees maximises the chance of success.

The current height of the plants is approximately 20-40cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Plant in most sheltered, western areas
  • Likes most moist yet well drained fertile soil
  • Tallest trees in world
  • Native to USA

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