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Reeds - Phragmites australis

Buy Reeds - Phragmites australis plants online. Common Reed plants for Reedbeds for sale. Phragmites australis plug plants available for planting now. Order Phragmites australis seedlings for fast UK delivery.

The Reed (Phragmites australis) is a water margin grass-like plant which will reach a height of 150cm. Used extensively for water purification on industrial sites and increasingly on housing developments.

Propagates itself by means of rhizomes, rapidly colonising the planted area.  The current height is 10-20cm high and can be planted all year round.

If you are looking to plant up a pond or wetland area or create a reedbed, read our Planting Guide for Wildlife Ponds & Reedbeds

  • Plant in wet, open and upland sites
  • Likes most wet soil types
  • Found in and around the margins of ponds, marshes and wetlands
  • Native to the British Isles

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