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Aspen Trees - Populus tremula

Buy Aspen Trees - Populus tremula trees online. Aspen trees for sale. Populus tremula seedlings available for planting now. Order Populus tremula saplings for quick UK delivery.

Flowering with pretty catkins during February and March, the Aspen tree (Populus tremula) is the most common tree from the Poplar family and also one of the smallest (height 45ft/15m approx). In mythology, a crown constructed of Aspen leaves gave the wearer power to visit and return safely to the underworld! 

The Aspen tree leaves, appearing almost round with a serrated edge and pale underside, turn amber-yellow in the autumn and have a continuous 'trembling' motion from fluttering in the slightest air currents thus also known as a Trembling or Quaking tree.

The current height of our Aspen trees is approximately 30-50cm. They can be planted out all year round.

  • Plant in wet, dry & open sites
  • Likes most soil types
  • Widespread in UK
  • Attracts Ladybirds

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