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Black Walnut Trees - Juglans nigra

Buy Black Walnut Trees - Juglans nigra trees online. Black walnut trees for sale. Juglans nigra seedlings available for planting now. Order Juglans nigra saplings for quick UK delivery.

The Black Walnut has been grown in the UK for over 400 years so can be considered as naturalised. Black Walnut tends only to be planted in Southern Britain where the spring and autumn frosts are less severe, although the species is fairly tolerant to exposure.

Black Walnut grows best on deep, medium to rich and moist soils as it will grow poorly on other types. Walnut trees are often grown on base-rich soils, although fertility and moisture is necessary for good timber production of high value, so often nitrogen-fixing nurse crops are used. The leaves are brighter than the common walnut, although the nuts less edible.

The current height of our Black Walnut trees is approximately 30-50cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Plant in open sheltered position
  • Likes deep, medium to rich moist soils
  • Naturalised in the UK
  • Produces quality timber

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