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Plants, Poisons and Personalities

This is one for your Gardening books collection: Plants, Poisons and Personalities by Sandy Primrose.

Take a look around your garden. Did you know that most likely many of those plants do not originate from this country? How did they get here? Which plants have drug-like or aphrodisiac qualities and can be used for medicinal (or perhaps poisonous) purposes? This book is a collection of essays about plants, their histories, origins and peculiarities... click here for further info from

Seasonal Hotties!

We have put together a new seasonal plants category. It is not seasonal in the sense 'now is the season for planting' but more of a shortlist of what plants and trees are currently grabbing our attention and you may want them in your garden or hedgerow too. The highlights in our neighbourhood are: the falling Sweet Chestnuts, start collecting for your fireside treats and Hazelnuts or Cobnuts but you need to be quick before the squirrels get there! Rose hips in the hedgerow and the start of the bright red berries on the Hawthorn.  The leaves are just beginning to turn on the Maples and the Larch is changing colour. Oh and don't forget to pick those Crab Apples!

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Elderflower Season!

The Elderflower is out big time this year and we're all scouring for creative recipes to use it in. Elderflower and gooseberries appear to go hand in hand for fool, jam, sauce and sorbet, or you can go for straight-up elderflower fritters and ice-cream. There are plenty of recipes out there, no surprises Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Sarah Raven have a few but there's no beating the classic and original Elderflower Coridal. Handy tip: once it's made you can either keep it for up to a year in sterilised bottles or alternatively freeze it.


Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) - sorry about the rather bleary image, iPhone let me down!

If your garden is lacking in Elderflowers click here to purchase.