Crab Apple Jelly



It's that time of year again when our little crab apple tree is weighed down with it's fruit.  Our favourite thing with roast pork is Crab Apple Jelly. We had a nice joint of saddleback ready to go into the oven on Sunday for lunch so whilst it was cooking we made Crab Apple Jelly!  Admittedly we had to fast track the setting of the jelly to have it with lunch but we simply poured a bit into a ramekin and popped it in the fridge. The rest of the jelly nicely filled a selection of jars.

Our tried and tested recipe is from an old Mrs Beeton's Household Management:

Ingredients:- 4 lb. of crab apples, 4 pints of water, 6 cloves, 1 inch of ginger, 1lb. of sugar to each pint of strained liquid.

Method:- Halve the crab apples. Place them in the water, add the cloves and ginger, simmer until tender, then drain well, but do not squeeze the apples.  Replace the drained liquid in the pan, add the sugar, boil until the syrup jellies quickly when tested on a cold plate, then pour into small jars or glasses.  Cover securely with parchment, and store in a cool, dry place.