Help Pollinating Insects

It has been in the news lots recently and for good reason. Butterflies, moths, bees and hoverflies are among the British insects that have been on the decline for the past 50 years. There are many reasons for this but there is no escaping that the abundance of wild flowers and native trees and plants have been reducing in numbers across the countryside.

To help encourage gardeners to plant species that are rich in pollen and nectar for our pollinating insects, the RHS has published a list of RHS Perfect for Pollinators trees, plants and flowers.

Trees By Post has many of these native species for sale so to help you, we've placed the RHS Perfect for Pollinators symbol next to their photos and stated for which season these plants help our British pollinators in the descriptive text.

RHS Perfect-for-Pollinators

Look out for the RHS Perfect for Pollinators symbol on Trees By Post when buying tasty plants for our British insects!