Truffle Tree Gifts

We started selling inoculated Truffle Trees in 2010 and they have proved very popular not only as gifts but also perfect for planting at home. We currently just supply Hazel and Oak Truffle Trees either singularly or in a twin pack. Both trees are inoculated with the UK Summer Truffle which is ideal for growing in the UK. If you are planting an oak or a hazel tree then it's worth spending the extra to get truffles as well - not only a delicacy and a rarity but also a very valuable prize in their own right. Our truffle trees are slightly bigger than our regular tree gifts as they have been grown for slightly longer in a bigger pot to accomodate the truffle spores which are innoculated into the root systems of both the oak and hazel truffle trees we sell. We planted several truffle trees here in 2010 and so far they have established very well and we will report when we start to harvest!