Tree Guards and Shrub Shelters

Trees By Post offer a range of tree shelters and shrub protector guards made by Tubex, the leading international brand for tree protection. Tubex guards are used internationally for many horticulture purposes including forestry, vineyards, landscaping and fruit orchards. They are the perfect tree guard for gardens, amenity areas, policies and woodland.

We recommend that you always protect your young trees and shrubs with guards if you have rabbits or voles in your garden, live in an exposed area or believe your plants require additional herbicide protection.

The Tubex products stocked by Trees By Post are listed below. You will require a cane or stake for some of these products, we do not provide these due to transporation costs but they can be found at a local DIY store.

Tubex Eco-Start Tree Guard

Eco-Start, height 60cm. Click here to purchase

The Tubex Eco-Start is designed to offer a reliable, economic solution to rabbit browsing where the prime concern is the initial establishment period.
•    Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion
•    Pre-fitted small, thumb-releasable ratchet ties for proven ease of installation and maintenance
•    Tubex Laserline - laser generated perforations forming a line of controlled weakness along the shelter, designed to burst as the tree fills the shelter
•    Built-in strengthening rods, which prevent ties tearing away from shelter in strong winds (unique to Tubex)
•    Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
•    UV stabilised to provide a minimum estimated life of 3 years (can vary depending on site conditions)

Use a quality stake inserted into the ground to 1/3 of the stake height, ensuring the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the shelter. Using the shelters natural strength push it lightly into the ground to remove gaps at the base. Initiate the laserline if the tree fills shelter before normal degradation period.

Tubex Easywrap Tree Guard

Easywrap, height 60cm. Click here to purchase

The tubex Easywrap is a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to PVC Spirals providing protection against small animal browsing and herbicides. A twin wall with a vertical split which produces a natural overlap, enables the Tubex Easywrap to provide a better environment for the plant, producing better growth and survival rates. On exceptionally windy or exposed sites consider an alternative such as a Tubex Ecostart.

Easywrap can be slipped over a small whip plant and will expand as the plant grows therefore providing reliable herbicide protection as it retains its height and shape. Successfully used for both hedging and open planting providing hints and tips are adhered to:

•    Best results obtained from slender plants that have a dominant single stem, such as Oak, Cherry, Ash, Alder, Hazel or Lime.
•    Never force open beyond original diameter - slip over top of whip plant.
•    Using the wrap's natural strength push lightly into the soil to remove gaps at the base.
•    A 90cm cane is suitable for most soil types, but always use a larger (120cm) cane on light, sandy soils.
•    Quick and easy to install and remove
•    Twin-wall design offering improved micro-climate and more ridgid than spirals
•    Overlap that expands as the tree grows
•    Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
•    An estimated life span of 3 years (can vary beyond this depending on site conditions

Tubex Shrub Shelter Guard

Shrub Shelter, height 60cm. Click here to purchase

The Tubex Shrub Shelter is a strong, wider diameter tree shelter, which has been designed to accommodate larger, multi-stemmed planting stock, whilst ensuring successful plant establishment.
Shrub Shetlers are ideally suited to landscaping projects with mixed planting stock and provide improved survival rates by protecting against hares, rabbits and voles as well as complete herbicide protection.

Unlike spiral or net products which can become embedded in the branches and bark of growing shrubs, the Tubex Shrub Shelters are quick and easy to remove - often a requirement on landscaping projects.

Tubex Shrub Shelters need to be well anchored: use a quality square stake, inserted into the ground to at least 1/3 of the stake height. Ensure the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the Shrub shelter. Using the shelters natural strength push it lightly into the ground to remove the gap at the base

Tubex Spiral Tree Guard

Spirals, height 60cm. Click here to purchase

Tubex Spirals provide efficient low-cost protection from animal browsing and herbicides. They do not need additional tree stakes or fastenings to support them.

Wrapped tightly around the plant, Tubex Spirals are beneficial in exposed sites and on small planting stock such as Hawthorn.

Survival and growth rates of trees tend to be higher if using solid Tubex shelters such as the Ecostart or Easywrap.
Tubex spirals are non-directional and can be installed either way up. Spirals should only be used on the smallest of planting stock and can be difficult to remove, so consider the Tubex Easywrap if this is a concern.