Plant Care

Your plants will be sent to you in special boxes that have been designed or specifically selected for transporting young trees. All of our trees are 1-2 years old so the majority are all approximately smaller than 70cm. The trees are all cell grown in trays called Rootrainers and when delivered, the roots have a similar appearance to plug plants.

Upon receiving your plants follow the planting instructions as soon as possible:

  • Remove all packaging and protective plastic
  • Ensure the root plugs are moist
  • Select a site which is free draining and with at least partial sunshine where the trees will have room to grow to their full height
  • Cultivate compacted or heavy clay soils prior to planting
  • Dig a hole large enough for the root plug and deep enough to ensure there is approximately 2cm of soil above the root plug
  • The soil must be firmed around the root plug
  • Keep the plants free from weed competition

If you are transporting your plants to another location, you can keep them in the packaging for up to 1 week from the date of despatch. We would not recommend any longer.

If you have a delay in planting out, you can keep your plants for up to 4 weeks, we would not recommend any longer, in a shallow container outside with all packaging removed, including hessian sacks and protective plastic, away from prevailing winds and ensure root plugs are kept moist.