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Can I grow Truffles?




Our truffle trees are popular and successful gifts for all different types. The one question we are often asked though is can I grow truffles on my land?  Well, the best land for truffle growing should be free from established trees and have a high pH value (7.3-8.3).   Soil with quite a low pH level can be utilised as long as adequate lime is applied. Truffles have been grown on fields with a starting pH as low as 4.9 (before lime was spread). The pH can be estimated using simple kits available from most garden centers.

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Lime for Hazel Truffle Trees

Need to know how much lime to add for balancing out the soil for the truffle trees? Here's a query we got on the email:

"Purchased one of your hazelnut truffle trees and plan to plant it in a large pot - I have purchased 3 35lt bags of soil fron the garden centre and would like to know how much hydrated lime to add to bring the soil up from ph 7 to the required 7.6-9."

I have just spoken to the team that supply our Truffle trees and they say you won't need much, just a couple of good handfuls as you can always top it up.