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Forestry Survey 2012 - Help shape the future of our forests

Defra, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has launched a Forestry survey in the process of developing a Government Response to the Independent Panel on Forestry. They want your views and ideas on more woodland created in or near your community, what would encourage you to visit your local woodland more and if you buy British timber products.

The Independent Panel on Forestry’s report was published on 4 July 2012. It contained over 30 detailed recommendations covering a wide range of issues, including
•    The creation of new woodland;
•    The management of existing woodland;
•    Tree health and woodland resilience;
•    The contribution of trees, woods and forests to the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic sustainability;
•    Promoting the wider use of wood;
•    The role of an ecosystems services approach in providing a true valuation of England’s woodland assets;
•    The future role of the Forestry Commission’s Forest Services ; and
•    The future ownership and management of the public forest estate

To take part in this online survey, click here