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What are Cell Grown plants?

Our trees are cell grown in Rootrainers so they can be planted at any time of the year.

Trees by Post specialise in young cell grown tree saplings of about 1-2 years old. This is the perfect stage for planting outside allowing for the quickest growth rates.

Benefits of Cell Grown Plants over Bare-Root Plants:

•    Cell grown plants can be safely despatched from the nursery and planted all year round without damage to the roots.

•    Bare-root can only be dug up, despatched and planted within the Winter/dormant season.

•    Cell-grown plants can be held for several weeks if planting is delayed provided the root plugs are kept moist.

•    Bare-root plants must be planted immediately upon arrival.

•    Cell-grown plants arrive at the customer with a fully functional root system.

•    Bare-root plants inevitably suffer damage and consequent stress when they are lifted from the nursery beds.

•    The root systems on Cell-grown plants remain intact and the fine fibrous feeding roots are sent out with the plant enabling rapid establishment once planted out. There is relatively little check when a Cell-grown is planted out compared to a bare-root plant.

A Cell Grown Plant: