Forest Walk

A gorgeous autumn day provided the perfect backdrop for a walk around the Hartwoodmyres forest plantation.

Some of the younger spruce trees that have been planted.


Looking down an internal line of the forest plantation.  The forest is so deep with these mature trees, very little light gets in and when you call out there is an impressive echo!


We spotted these bright jewels of a toadstool on the fringes of the forest.  There were quite a few of them nestled in the moss between the rows of trees.  I believe they are a type of Amanita fungi but will seek clarification on this.  The scene was reminiscent of a pixie cartoon.  (admin note: We have secured identification on these fungi! Thanks to First Nature: they are Russula emetica - The Sickener)




The Yarrow (Achillia millefolium) was still flowering.


Not sure what type of bumble bee this is but at least it was putting the Ragwort to good use! #HappyPolinators


Where they harvest the trees, it does look like a scar on the landscape but it is remarkable just how quickly new trees are planted and the speed of their growth.



The Heather (Calluna vulgaris) has finished it's purple display of flowers and now hosts dew covered cobwebs.


The timber harvest is stacked up ready to go.


We lost count of all the logs!


Knapweed was growing and flowering on the verge of the track.