Tree planting tips

These tree planting suggestions may seem obvious to seasoned hands but sometimes the simplest of tips can go a long way to making a difference.

- If you have a small garden, choose bird cherry, hazel, holly, hawthorn, rowan or crab apple.

- Smaller shrubs and hedgerows provide year round interest for us humans plus shelter and food for the birds and abundance of wildlife you will   attract!

- Keep the larger trees to more open spaces, e.g. beech, lime, Scots pine and oak.

- Remember to be aware of any underground pipes, overhead cables and buildings in the vicinity of your planting area. Probably not a good idea to plant the trees too close.

It is almost the end of November and we are heading into Christmas.  We are having Christmas at home this year and obviously want the house to feel cosy and decorated in a warm homely way.  I am thinking about a natural theme: garlands of willow, twigs of beech nuts and hazel.  Dotted through with dried poppy heads, lightly touched with a spray of silver and snow effect.  Entwined with fairy lights - sounds good?  Well we'll keep you posted!