Easywrap Plant Guards

Wondered how to use your Easywrap Tubex Guards? Here's some quick installation guidance to protecting your trees and plants:

•    Only use Easywraps with slender plants - the tube should simply drop over the plant and cane, being firmed into the ground to make a secure herbicide barrier for your young plants.

•    Never force an Easywrap open beyond its natural diameter as damage may be caused to the tube which may compromise its recoil strength.

•    Always support Easywraps with a suitably strong cane (suggest 90cm for the 60cm Easywrap) which should be pushed into the ground to just below the level of the top of the tube.

•    In windy or exposed sites do not use Easywraps, it would be more suitable to use the Tubex tree shelters with releasable ties which are secured with stakes.

•    When trees become larger and can support themselves, consider removing the cane to allow the tree to flex whilst still retaining the Easywrap to protect the tree.


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